A radical new practice
of rehab movement

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Fast and easy to use

The machine is extremely easy to use both for carers and the individual using the rehabilitation machine. Depending on the personal card preset, the lift moves efficiently and smoothly to maximize comfort and dignity.

Personal Card

A unique smart card, makes sure that the movement pattern of the machine compliment the movement pattern of the users. Each card is customized to the users height and weight. This makes it much easier to prepare the machine.

3 Extendable parts

To guarantee the best movement pattern, the machine consist of 3 extendable parts. 1 Extendable base part, 1 vertical extendable part, 1 horizontal extendable part. Each part dependent on the other to ensure safe and efficient transfer.

Rehab or easy transfer

This lift offers assistance for 2 main purposes. The first one is transfer of users who are eg. in a wheelchair or not mobile. The second usage is in relation to rehabilitation, after an accident or operation. Either scenario can be supported by our Wave technology.

High mobility

Our Wave technology is meant for mobility when it comes to transfering users. As a result the ground base can adjusted in width, which is very helpful when going through small doorframes or using wide toilets. It is equipped with 4 durable and flexible wheels, with a lock function.


Pure Wave is fully documented and the IPR is protected from 6 granted patents families. We believe that our innovative lifter technology has the potential to developed in different directions, besides the Pure Wave lifter and rehab machine.

Pure Wave demonstration sit position

PureWave Innovative lifter

Our new lift Purewave is ready for marketing and production.

Revac has developed the sit-to-stand lifter Pure Wave, which uses new patented technological principles with regards to transfer, daily therapy and rehabilitation. Purewave supports the individual pattern of movement by using a software module which, by coding input from limited parameters, generates a movement curve.

Easy quality lifting

The lifter helps the individual user to stand and sit from a personal pattern of movement. The lifter will add new possibilities to rehabilitation and daily therapy.

A sit to stand unit is a technical aid which helps elderly or handicapped people to get from a seated to a standing position, for example from a wheelchair to the edge of the bed. Sit to stand lifters are used in home care situations in order to lessen the burden on care workers who are not allowed to do any heavy lifting. In addition a sit -to-stand unit can help elderly and handicapped people become more self assisted and enhance quality of life.

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Personal card

For individuel movement pattern

Customizable lift pattern

ReVac One uses new technological principles relative to transfer, daily therapy and rehabilitation and these technologies are patented. Lift One supports a persons individual pattern of movement by using a coded software module which, using limited parameters, generates a movement curve for each individual user. The individual user is helped to stand and sit based on this individual pattern of movement. One of the strengths of the lifter is that it can help train the stand-sit function. The lifter is to be further developed so that it will be possible for the user to utilize the lifter on his/her own.

See how it works here!

We have produced af small video demonstrating
the capabilities of our innovativ and flexible liftning

Pure Wave demonstration stand position