Pure Wave

Ready for market

Pure Wave

Lift and training equipment with new innovative solutions that will make a difference.

  • High degree of User involvment through natural patterns of movement
  • User operated lift
  • Increased sense of dignity using natural and individual patterns of movement
  • Active participation of the User via User adapted movement patterns
  • Better acceptance of use due to active participation and increased sense of dignity
  • Adapts to the individual client/patient via a software module that adjusts the lift to the individual
  • No lifting harness is required
  • Staff cannot use the lifter incorrectly since it is adjusted to suit the individual client

Smart Card Technology

The lifter reads information on curve sequence , speed, start and finish points. This ensures that the lifter cannot be used incorrectly by the User.

During training exercises other parameters can be set such as number of repeat exercises.

These measurements are logged and can, for example, be used to evaluate the User’s suitability to use the lifter.

Product’s under development

The unique lifting column and the innovative ”ReVac-ID” makes it possible to attach different modular accessories onto the lifter

See the outline of the concept here…